Ton van Harreveld

Mr Anton (Ton) van Harreveld, making sense of sensory, founder and CEO, Odournet group of companies.

Ton van Harreveld holds an MSc in environmental sciences from the Wageningen University in the Netherlands. He is the founder and CEO of the Odournet group of consultants, a micro-multinational dedicated exclusively to odour consultancy that employs 50+ staff in three European countries, Brazil and India.

Odournet specialises in all aspects of consultancy related to:

  • environmental annoyance caused by odour and noise
  • sensory testing of products and materials.

Many hundreds of odour and noise related surveys are conducted each year. Odournet runs six laboratories for olfactometry, four of which accredited to ISO17025 and consistently demonstrating compliance with quality requirements in international comparison tests. Odournet also provides high resolution molecular analysis of aroma compounds using GCMS-TOF and GC-IMS, through its cutting edge laboratory in Barcelona.

Ton designed and built the first commercially available computer controlled Olfaktomat and Olfacton olfactometers between 1980 and 2010 and was chairman of the working group that developed the European CEN standard EN 13725 for olfactometry, and member of the CEN working group WG27 drafting a standard for field assessment methods for odour. He is currently convenor of the CEN/TC264/WG2 working group tasked with revising the EN13725 standard and convenor of the CEN/TC264/WG41 working group on sensors for continuous odour monitoring.

As a senior consultant he was responsible for background studies underpinning policy development in Ireland, Holland and the UK, including the R&D document on community impacts for the H4 Horizontal IPPC Guidance on Odour for the Environment Agency (UK).

Ton contributed as organiser, keynote speaker, scientific committee member and author to numerous international conferences on Odour Management, organised by the German VDI, the International Water Association, the Water and Environment Federation etc.

Since 2000 Ton is making sense of sensory in Barcelona, Spain

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